I’m that person who mutters stupid shit in class or during normal social situations. It’s rare that anyone catches what I say… until now.

My friend, Josh sits next to me in class and I’m constantly muttering. And he just laughs hysterically and everyone looks at him like whuddafuck? Our prof has even said things to him. Haha I just sit there silently and stare at him. Like bitch, don’t repeat what I said or I’ll kill you.

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I’m just chillin on the couch at my parents and my mom comes up and hands me $20 and says, “I know you’ll want coffee while you’re here” I thanked her and said, “now I can get some weed!” She just chuckled.

I wish all parents were like mine. They support me in anyway they can and have slowly stopped judging my life choices. They’re accepting me as the person I truly am, and that’s a beautiful thing.

It’s amazing to think that just about 2 years ago they were extremely against weed… and now I can smoke in front of them. Haha I actually smoke with my dad every once in a while! :)

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Dear Landlord,
Please leave (or at least stop standing directly outside my window) so I can smerk this berl.

Tia, the tenant that breaks most of the rules stated in your lease.

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Defeat the Cylons